150 EUR (8.5 EUR/month)

This is your independent authentication hardware for endpoint login. Supremely secure, biometric, contactless, compatible, intuitive, certified, trustworthy, and designed to please the eye – it checks all the boxes.

150 EUR (8.5 EUR/month)


OFFPAD stands for OFFline Personal Authentication Device, and is a hardware security key that replaces your passwords. Simply activate the card with the touch of your finger, and it will log you on to your services and applications; safer, faster, and more conveniently than before.

While a password can be hacked, the OFFPAD identifies you using biometrics. An algorithm transforms your fingerprint into a unique number which is encrypted and stored in a Secure Element. As the device is always off, only turning on for 3 seconds during authentication, it minimizes the attack surface for potential hackers while optimizing power consumption.

The card is designed to follow a Trusted Execution Environment, which makes all communication encrypted and secured. Additionally, your fingerprint is never shared outside the card. During the matching, the algorithm compares the given result of the authentication with the stored number. If a match occurs, then the authentication is approved.

A mobile phone is designed to be online 24/7. It is also full of applications from developers all over the world, making it easy to breach in many ways. The OFFPAD is completely independent. It stays offline until needed, and is only used to authenticate you as a user. This makes it much better at withstanding attacks.

Only your fingerprint can activate the card, it cannot be used by anyone else.

Yes. Contactless technologies allow the OFFPAD to easily connect to any device, without you needing to install any further software. The card is FIDO2-compliant and will be seen as trustable hardware when you access FIDO2-compliant platforms such as Gmail, Facebook, Salesforce, SAP, Amazon, Windows Hello and more.

Not at all. The OFFPAD device manager has been developed to provide a better User Experience (UX) by providing additional features such as adding more than one fingerprint (up to three), manage your FIDO2 credentials or even to reset the OFFPAD device.

The OFFPAD has built-in support for both Bluetooth Low Energy and Near Field Communication, which it uses to communicate with the device you are using to reach your required service or application.

The card is certified FIDO2 level1 and CE to comply with EU regulation. Further certifications like FIPS 140-3 and Common Criteria are planned for soon.

FIDO2 is a common standard with native support in all major operating systems like MS Windows, Apple OSX, Android and iOS all major web browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Mozilla, Safari etc. Most Identity Access Management (IAM) systems support FIDO2 out of the box. See more details at:

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